Support the civilian victims of the conflict in Israel and Palestine

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Since October 7th, violence has raged in Israel and Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of people have been killed, tens of thousands wounded, hundreds of thousands are on the run, and the destruction is indescribable.
Caritas and its local partners stand with the civilian victims and are helping in any way they can.
Please join us in alleviating their suffering.

As soon as the annual total of your donation reaches 40 euros (as long as the total amount of your donations does not exceed 10% of your net taxable income), you receive a tax certificate. The latter automatically entitles you to a tax reduction of up to 45% of your total donations to Caritas. A donation of 100 euros costs you in reality only 55 euros. Your donation, whatever the amount, is welcome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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